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We are VCL

As a logistics service provider, we have a passion for solving problems and taking care of them. The more complex the issue, the better. We take on every challenge!

Over ten years ago we started with a good understanding of the market and the main goal of providing transport with high customer satisfaction. We truly believe that the logistic processes can be arranged with more transparency, intelligence and efficiency.

That is why, when we started our company, a name was chosen to emphasizes this statement. VCL stands for Value Creating Logistics, which is the foundation of our company. Our service is dedicated to creating added value for our customers.

Our network consists of more than 500 carriers and we can basically transport everything that fits on pallets, but we specialize in transporting foodstuffs.
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Bas Willems
Erwin Croes
Marcel Potters
Ryan Croes

The team

Our experienced and enthusiastic team has over ten years of experience and does everything possible to take over your logistic challenges.

Due to the modest size of our team, contact is always fast and personal. This way we will already be up to speed most of the time and are able to act quickly with returning customers. All of this contributes to a pleasant cooperation with which we can offer the high customer satisfaction we strive for.

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