Welcome to VCL Road Transport B.V

We are a logistics service provider and our main goal is customer satisfaction, according to us there can’t be another goal for a service provider.

That’s why during the foundation of the company we decided to pick a name which shows our goal. VCL is short for Value Creating Logistics, this is the basis of our company. Everything we do is for the purpose of creating value for our customers and their companies.

This is being realized by well trained and enthusiastic employees.

Please take a look around in our website and you can always request info with our forms, you will find it at Contact and Price Request, off course you can also give us a call.


VCL Road Transport B.V.

Kerkenbos 13-07

6546 BG Nijmegen

The Netherlands


Sales and Planning

Tel: +31 (0)24 324 41 75



Tel +31 (0)24 360 35 76


Fax:+31 (0)24 890 14 40

Email: info@vclgroup.nl